Estate Administration

Most people when they think of an Estate they limit it to when an individual passes away. Although death is the most common area were administration is required, it can also arise during one’s lifetime. A minor may need an estate to be opened if they were to lose a parent(s) or if the minor where to receive funds or assets over a certain amount. An estate may also be necessary for an adult who is no longer able to make decisions regarding their care or finances. Grimes, Fay & Kopp provide a full range of services designed to assist clients with the complicated and numerous responsibilities of administering an estate.  Through decades of experience, our attorneys know Missouri’s estates administration and  probate system. Our staff of dedicated legal professionals are committed to helping clients with both modest estates and those with substantial net worth, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate these often-complex legal and financial processes.

Probate Estate:

A Court administration of a deceased person assets, debts and distribution to the rightful beneficiaries through a Last Will and Testament or Intestacy.

Trust Administration:

An independent administration of a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust created by a deceased person or a person during their lifetime that requires certain notifications, publications, collections, debt payments and distribution to the rightful beneficiaries.


An estate created to assist an individual who has been declared incapacitated and/or disabled by the Court where a Guardian is appointed  to manage the care and custody over an adult or minor child.  A Guardian is required to help provide for the food, shelter and welfare of the incapacitated and/or disabled adult or minor child.


An estate created over an individual who has been declared incapacitated and/or disabled by the Court to appoint a Conservator to take charge of property and manage the financial affairs of a person.

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